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Residential Crisis Stabilization Unit Services

Our Residential Crisis Stabilization Units (RCSUs) provide short-term, 24/7, residential psychiatric/substance related crisis evaluation and brief intervention services and serve as diversion or stepdown from inpatient hospitalization. The RCSU supports individuals experiencing abrupt and substantial changes in behavior noted by severe impairment or acute decompensation in functioning. Critical Features: Services are provided in a non-hospital, community-based crisis stabilization residential unit. The primary alternative to inpatient hospitalization for individuals who are in need of a safe, secure environment for assessment and crisis treatment. A step-down option from psychiatric inpatient hospitalization that functions to stabilize and reintegrate individuals who meet medical necessity criteria back into their communities.
Components of Residential Crisis Stabilization Unit services include: Assessment Treatment planning Health literacy counseling/Psychoeducation Skills restoration Peer recovery support services Medical and nursing assessments and care Individual, group and/or family therapy Care coordination Psychiatric evaluation Crisis intervention

**Prosperous Beginnings, LLC currently has an 8-bed Residential Crisis Stabilization Unit**

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