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Admission Criteria

Individuals must meet all of the following criteria for RCSU admission:
1. Experiencing a behavioral health crisis or stepping down from a higher level of care after a recent behavioral health crisis and needs continued stabilization prior to returning to the community.

2. Evidence that an individual currently meets the criteria for a primary diagnosis consistent with the most recent version of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) diagnosis that correlates with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Website

3. Presence of substantial changes in behavior noted by significant impairment or decompensation in functioning related to a behavioral health crisis; or Actual or potential danger to self or others:· Significant loss of impulse control that threatens the safety of the individual and/or others; or· Significant inability to maintain basic care for oneself and to keep oneself safe in the community in an age-appropriate manner; or· Intoxication that causes significant emotional, behavioral, medical, or thought process disturbance that interferes with judgment; or· Acute stress reaction that threatens to lead to significant emotional and/or behavioral deterioration without rapid intervention, evaluation, and treatment; or· Individual does not have the ability or the resources to support the maintenance of safety or stability in the community until longer-term services are available/accessible or mobilized. The presenting clinical problem requires a safe, contained environment wherein assessment, evaluation, and treatment can be conducted to determine the next steps in the individual’s care. Without urgent intervention, the individual will likely decompensate which will further interfere with their ability to function in at least one of the following life domains: family, living situation, school, social, work, or community.

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